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At Wildside Bengals, we are committed to breeding very typey, wild looking cats of the finest bloodlines, sourced from champion catteries across the globe. This makes pets available to you, with the highest breeding standards for physical well-being, intelligence, temperament and the continued maintenance of quality in the species.

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Interestingly, when researching different cat breeds, we were made aware that bengals can be more troublesome than other breeds. It turns out, after a lot of experience with Bengal cats, that they are “the ultimate cat breed for dog lovers.”

Yes, they have extra hop. Yes, they are surprisingly intelligent. Yes, you can teach them to fetch. Yes, they demand attention. All of these qualities make them very fun and a little dog like. They are still cats for sure, but with very interactive personalities.

My family has not looked back. We love having bengals in our lives. There are some important factors to know. With bengals, like all pets but only more pronounced, do not like solitude. They need company, and if left alone for long periods, their health and mental health can quickly decline. They also need to be an inside pet, primarily for their own safety, but also, their hunting ability is incredibly strong and they would be devastating to the local wildlife .

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Buy a purebred Bengal kitten in Australia, we’re registered with GCCFV and breed from champion bloodlines.

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The “certificate of pedigree”, is in effect, an animal passport or birth certificate and indicates the animals ancestry and family tree, over 5 generations.

We can arrange safe and secure transport to any location Australia wide.

Yes, one of the main differences between a Bengal and other breeds is their energy, curiosity and need for stimulation. Fortunately, they are self motivated and very busy as long as they have companionship.

An adult male weighs between 4.5 to 6.8 kilograms, while females weigh between 3.6 to 4.5 kilograms, typically between 33 to 38 centimeters tall.

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